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Be it a ring, a bracelet or a necklace – defining the right size is a crucial step in the choice and design of your Lumina Diamonds jewel, especially when measurements are not carried out firsthand by our experts.

Below you will find a few helpful tips and parameters for the correct sizing of the perfect jewel. For any doubts you may have, do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our Milan Showroom, where our experts will be glad to provide you with a tailored consulting service.


Choosing the right ring is paramount, and so is the choice of the perfect size. First of all, you should be advised the that finger sizes always vary between right and left hand. Moreover, it is known that warm temperatures may naturally cause most hands to swell slightly, and less so in cold weather. We therefore advise our customers to measure the circumference of the desired finger in presence of average temperatures.

If you wish to purchase a ring but you are unsure about the right size to choose, here is a free ring sizer in PDF format for you to download.

If still unsure, our experts will be glad to dispel any doubts you may have.


The wrist size is a crucialparameter for the correct sizing of your Tennis Bracelet. All LUMINA DIAMONDS tennis bracelets have a standard circumference of 18 cm. Of course, the size of each bracelet may be customized to suit your individual fit and needs.

If you wishto purchase a tennis bracelet with a circumference other than 18 cm, please indicate thedesired sizein your order. The final price of your jewel will depend on the final measurementprovided.

In order to define a more or less exact wrist measurement, we recommend using a measuring tape.Wrap it around your wrist and check the figure shown where the tape meets zero. For a comfortable fit, we recommend adding 1or 1.5 extra centimeters to your original measurement.


Despite being versatile jewelry pieces characterized by an ample fit, necklaces also require the right sizing for an ideal fit and to best enhance the beauty of each pendant.

The standard length ofall LUMINA DIAMONDS necklaces is 45 cm, however, their size may be personalized based on your individual preferences.

If you wish to purchase a Necklace with a lengthotherthan 45 cm, please indicate the desired size in your order. The final price of your jewel will depend on the final measurement provided.